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Welcome to GEKOPOOLS : Our company is dedicated to create and distribute the best quality of steel panels to built swimming pools.

*Magnelis = zinc coated : resistant against chloric  and salt action.
*Dark protect : a final shield that protects each panel by an epoxy coverage.

That 2 materials will assure you a durable and reliable material with an unparalleled quality

We're already present in many european countries as Greece, Crete, Spain, Portugal, Philippines...

We're able to export all other the world.

Our deliveries

Our steel panels are CERTIFIED for the construction of PRIVATE and PUBLIC swimming pools.

They are also certified for the building of Olympic Swimming pools for compétition.

GEKOPOOLS only uses the FINEST european steel and the HEAVIEST anti-corrosion coating available on it : We are sure that YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED !
DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US by phone or e-mail : we're at your entire disposal for any question or future project.
One of our steel panel


Inground GEKOPOOLS steel panels  are available in 3 standard heights but if you want something special or even something extraordinary, we can design and manufacture it for you ! WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE US ?● The best quality of panels for swimming pool currently on the market.● Steel...
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Manufacturing process

Our company uses the last technology of machine-tools : Automatic process for the cutting and the banding of the steel.

In our wharehouse we have one of the biggest stock of plane steel in Europe.

We can assure short delays of manufacturing and can export all other the world.

We are already presents on markets as Greece, Crete, Philippines.

Professionals : BE SURE that we PAY ATTENTION to every details and specifications during the manufacturing process of our products.

You can trust us : you will buy a TOP QUALITY Material.

DO NOT HESITATE to contact us
by phone or e-mail.
We will do our best to bring you a complete satisfaction.

To contact us :
Phone Number      +33 4 90 06 04 98.
For information, our office is open from Monday to Friday.
09H00-12H00 AM - 14H00-18H00 PM.

If you prefer, you can also contact us by e-mail : please click on "contact" tab and let yourself be guided.

Don't worry even with the jet lag : our staff will answer you quickly.

Do not hesitate to contact us we will clarify all your questions.

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