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how to build a geko pools ?

How to build a GEKOPOOLS swimming pool ?
It's only requires a few days of work and installation.
You can ask a professionnal to buid it but you can easily do it yourself with or without technical assistance.
The main steps of construction : implantation of the pool- Performing excavation - assembling the panels - assembling the steps - Put in place adjustable frames - stairs and concrete - The big work is finished.
After that, you have to install the liner and seal parts, to prepare the copping location - to fill and assemble the technical room - to implant the peripheral chaining and surrounding paved aerea - and after all that, you will take full advantage of you pool and enjoy it for a very long time !
Maintenance and water treatment are essential to the quality of the bathing and to assure the longevity of your pool.
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