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join us in atlantic city - In January 2018 - from the 23st to the 25th

Our company has exposed it range of products at the New Orleans show in October 2016.

Strong of this experience, we have rent a booth in Atlantic City at the pool & spa show on January 2017.

These two shows allowed us to present our products and materials to the american distributors but also to meet the american public and know what he's really expecting for in the area of the swimming pool.

In JANUARY 2018  we will be back in ATLANTIC CITY : do not hesitate to visit us !!!

Our company has developed it own range of panels declined in 3 standard heights, in straight and flexible versions - but we are also able to answer to every specific demand.

With our straight range of panels you could build traditional SHAPE pools as rectangular, square, swimming corridors in different heights with flat or progressive bottom.

You can also build diamond shaped pools.

With our flexible range of panels you could build oval or round pools but more than that you can build free shapes pools and let a complete liberty at your imagination.

To manufacture our panels we use a top quality of steel. This steel is treated with an epoxy cover the Dark Protect that is a true shield against perforation du to the rust.

With this protection our panels are particularly recommended for seaside constructions.

We are already present in foreigner countries as Greece, Crete, Portugal and Philippines that have many miles of sea coasts. In these countries swimming pools are often built next to the see.

The quality of our steel, the magnelis included in it, and the dark protect coating assure that our product is one of the most resistant, reliable and durable currently on the market.

Our production line is equiped with the last generation of machine tools and all our panels are laser-cut.

The Dark protect is fixed and assure a smooth structure very pleasant to work.

Our panels are usable in every kind of soils : rock - sand - earth - clay...

Our adjustable frames enable the construction to be perfectly aligned and give to it more portability and a greater resistance to the water pression.

Using steel panels is a guarantee of durability, health and safety (no porosity on the walls so much less possibility for the bacterias to hang and grow than in comparison with a concrete structure).

Our teams are daily using our range of products to our own customers construction area to build home pools, public pools and competition pools.

We are strong of more than twenty-five years of experience and we have always developed our panels and adjustable frames all along this years to face all the problems that we have met and to prevent that we might met on construction areas.

Satisfy our clients is our goal - doing a GOOD JOB too !

By buying GEKOPOOLS structure you will not just work with a manufacturer, you will work with someone who know your job and who daily do it.

If you think that steel panel is a material that you can use, you have find the good partner.

Our priority : your satisfaction.

We will do our best to bring you an impeccable quality.

We hope that we could develop a strong and durable partnership.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

We are at your entire disposal. In case of e-mailing don't worry, our staff will answer you soon.
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