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Magnelis quality

Here's the latest innovation of protective coating : THE MAGNELIS.

MAGNELIS is an exceptional new metallic steel coating that has been optimised to provide THE BEST CORROSION- RESISTANCE results.

A combination of steel, zinc, magnesium and aluminium give to this coating his strenght and his exceptional durability.

All our swimming pool structures are made with a steel of superior quality + MAGNELIS.

That combination is making our structures 10 time more resistant to perforation du to the rust than a classic zinc structure.

We're sure to provide you a significantly SUPERIOR performance than all the products currently on the market.

With MAGNELIS PANELS we can offer you a product that has superior corrosion resistance against chloride and salt, MUCH BETTER than every other metallic coating that you could find elsewhere.

The thickness of the steel is 13 gauges : the best quality currently on the market.
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