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steel walls for swimming pool

By using a GEKOPOOLS complete kit, you will have an easier installation of your pool and also building the pool will take as much as 70 % less time than other pool construction technologies.
You will get an extra-durable construction that will assure you a long long time without trouble.
Our company is building pools with her own materials since more of 25 years.
During all this time, we have drawn and created our own range of panels and adjustable frames to answer our clients demand of course but more than ever to answer at any difficulties that we have met on construction site.
Our steel walls are made of corrosion resistant steel coated with Dark Protect that is a true shield against perforation du to the rust.
Every kind of shapes are possible with our panels : rectangular, swimming corridor, and also free shapes with our flexible panels range.
You can adapt every kind of steps with GEKOPOOLS panels : acrylic, under liner, you can also built concrete steps if you want.
Our panels offer unparalleled strengh and durability they are adapted for home pools but also for public pools and even competition pools.
Sure of the quality we are able to offer we just have a last thing to say : TRY US !
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