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Steel walls swiming pools

Why choosing that kind of material ? What are the advantages ?
A steel wall pools offers a variety of advantages over concrete pools : When it is properly maintained, a stainless steel pool has extremely good corrosion resistance.
Our GEKOPOOLS panels have the double advantage to be covered by an Epoxy coat the DARK PROTECT that is a true shield against the perforation du to the rust.
Your steel walls pool will come with a lifetime warranty, concrete wall do not !
When you will have to replace the liner : steel walls will not move : concrete will crack
Your construction will have an exceptional longevity.
Our company is designing and building pools with that kind of material since more than 25 years.
During all this time, we have developed and manufactured our own system of construction with adapted adjustable frames.
Our range of products is evolving constantly to answer to our customers demand but more importantly to face all difficulties that we have found and that we might find on the construction sites.
You will not be working with a simple dealer of structures, you will working with a designer and more than all with someone who build home swimming pools, public pools and competition pools for more than 25 years.
We know your job ! we are just daily doing it so do not hesitate to require our services.
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