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the magnelis panels

Try the Magnelis Quality you won't be disappointed !
Our system is based on use of steel magnelis included and dark protect covered for all structural swimming pool components, except the FLOOR of the pool made by a concrete covering.
The connection between the wall structure and the concrete floor is made through adjustable frames, fixed on the floor by strongl anchors. The pool walls are formed by manufactured panels  treated with an epoxy coating called DARK PROTECT.
You can install all kind of equipment in the pools built with our panels : pumps, filter, spotlights, but also immersed cover, solar cover, hit pump, etc...
It's advantages : the speed of construction (1 week only for a 4 meters x 8 meters swimming pool)
You can choose the dimensions of your pool but also it's depth and it's shape.
Do not hesitate to use our materials.
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