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where are we exporting ?

We are dealing and installing STEEL PANELS STRUCTURES for the swimming pool construction from more than 25 years.
Our society is designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing GEKOPOOLS panels since many years.
We have developed and adapted our products all along this years, improving our panels and frames to adapt them to the needs of our consumers but more importantly to the needs of construction yard.
Our expert knowledge gathered from thousand of pool projects, and without any modesty we can say that we can offer you a QUALITY of construction unlike any other.
The aesthetic quality of steel panels and the durable nature of the material itself: steel will not delaminate, peel, corrode, discolor or leak over the lifetime of use are just saying you that WE HARE YOUR GUYS !
Choose with attention and care our steels are well cut and finished.
We have installed our material in several natural sites as Luberon and Mountains Alpilles in Provence (the southeast of France) but also in foreigner countries.
where are we dealing our produces ?
Present in many european countries as Spain, Portugal, Crete, Greece, we're also exporting in asiatic countries
as Philippines.
We were present at New-Orleans Pool and Spa Patio Expo last November and in Atlantic City Pool Expo at the end of January.
We're trying to develop our activity in the USA and Canadian sector.
We hope that we could develop reliable and durable commercial relation with professionals and wholesalors.

Issue of a canadian technology with more of 50 years of experience in extreme weather conditions, our structures allow a speed and reliable construction

We believe that steel is the BEST CONSTRUCTION material for custom built swimming pools.
Steel with Magnesium and zinc will offer you an Unmatched durability.
Without any modesty we're are the NUMBER ONE in our business.
Neither this metal will fade, crack or blister.
Additionally, we are promising you  years of tranquilitity and enjoyment. GEKOPOOLS swimming pool is  highly sanitary and safe.
Both surfaces offer superior resistance to bacteria than every other material (as concrete for example).
Our panels can esthetically blend harmoniously with ordinary swimming pools.
Natural stone in combination with our metal panels will contrive a very natural environment and reduce the footprint on environment.
Our structure construct sustainable pools. 100% recyclable and extensible on demand .
This way of construction is really an ecologic and durable system: Do not hesitate a minute : just try our product !

You can choose the dimensions, the depth and the shape of each pool.
We are manufacturers of High Performance building Materials used for the construction and installation of in backyard of swimming pools, our brand gekopools can be transformed in your brand just ask us...
Our technology, advanced processes, high performance materials, combined with the experience of 30 years of work are just making us a professionnal leader in Pool Products and construction components for swimming pools.
No other manufacturer in the pool industry uses technologies as we do.
See the difference by yourself !
Your GEKOPOOLS structure might be completed with our ajustable frames but you have to add hung system profile to maintain your liner, sand filter, pump, skimmer, electric box, light, connection box, drains and intlets, stairs or ladders, plumbing kit, and all the cleaning accessories as telescopic handle, brushes for walls etc...
A liner will ensures a perfect tightness and will personnalize your pool.
It is a PVC membrane welded to the dimensions of the pool. It is resistant to climatic extremes and it maintenance is easy.
It exists in many colors from classic blue to deep dark and also in printed or mosaïc versions with tiles band or not.
An essential piece to personnalize your pool : the stair.
In acrilyc version (as roman stairs) or concrete version (american beach) it will provides you comfort, security and will be a real place of relaxation for all your family.
You can customize your pool with slabs and curbs : anti slip, strong and efficient. It will resist frost and naturally fit to any space. Elegant you can choose reconstitued stone or genuine stone for an excellent finish and a top durability.
Don't be afraid to order and use our materials many grossists and detailers are already using it without any problem : try it it's adopt it !!!don't worry you wouldn't be desapointed !
If you have any doubt please do not hesitate to call our commercial service we will ask at all your questions and will help you as well. You will always have someone to help you.
Do you want a warm watter ? Choose a heat pump it's will heat you water and extend the period of swimming. Quiet an economical the last generation of heat pump wil serve you as well.

You wan't an ecological way of desinfecting ? Chose the salt regulation.
With the integrated PH regulation. That sort of box will optimize the production of chlorine according to water temperature. Self cleaning cell. Digital display.
You want excellence in filtration : install an elements filter : 15 microns of filtration with 1 cleaning a year under normal conditions of use. Saving water and salt in case of treatment by electrolysis. Maintenance ferre. No connection to the waste waters. Disassembly without tools. Can easily be transformed into a diatomeceaous earth filtration.
With our panels you can built all sort of swimming pools : rectangular, squarel, circular, free shapes,L form, swimming corridors, let your imagination go, dream your swimming pool we will realise it !
There's no limit to your imagination : standard shapes or free shapes.
We are available Monday-Friday, 09H00 AM TO NOON AND 14H00 PM TO 18H00 PM.
We could help you through the buying process or simply pass you first order and check out.
What sort of panels are we exporting ?
We have an innovative metallic coating the magnelis that offers protection in the wildest environments.
The magnelis protection is an exceptional coating providing surface protection against long term wear and tear.
Our pools wall panels are made of steel and covered by 2 others materials : the MAGNELIS and the DARK PROTECT.
What are our pool panels qualities ?
The chemical composition of magnelis has been optimised to provide the best corrosion resistance results.
It have best superior performance than all alternative european product.
It has a natural grey smoth aspect and it's really a true shied against all agressions : weather, salt, chloridrine, acid, low or high temperatures.
Your construction will NOT MOVE.
Outdoor exposure over different time periods the magnelis will offer you a much better resistant material than ever material currently on the market. The application of magnelis ensures the preservation of the steel and protect it against climatic variations and rain fallings.
Magnelis performs 4 times better than standard steel (galvanised or not) and it reduces powdering effect and loses less coating in the time.
It has been consequently improved against corrosion and dust.
Steel panels provide the vertical walls to resist to water pression and offer the strenght required for swimming pools construction.
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