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where can you build our pools ?

Demand for excellence : Buy GEKOPOOLS material and be sure to bring satisfaction to all your clients.
The magnelis panels force and the dark protect shield : You wouldn't find such a quality amongst our competitors.
For certain applications in harsher environments steel is the ideal material. It is a durable and whose appearance doesn't deteriorate. It's very simple to maintain.
Our product is a durable materiel whose appearance does not déteriorate and that is simple to maintain.
It permitts to resist to temperature variations. The risk of platescracking is non-existent.
A thousand of pools built 30 or 40 years ago are still operating.
Therefore our material provides a very effective alternative to the traditional building solution.
Our material is built to last a long time... A very long time... Du to his 2 protective shields magnelis and dark protect.
Wherever you are

We can distribute our materiel do not hesitate to contact us.

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