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why building a pool ?

In a first time : TO ENJOY IT ! alone or with all your family of course.
You will teach the kids how to swim, and take good time with them or just simply relaxing after a day of work.
A BEAUTIFUL swimming pool can transform your backyard into an elegant outdoor oasis of calm and relaxation. A swimming pool allows you to make exercice,  lose weight and stay in good health.
It will bring you relaxation and calm after the stress bring by your job or others.
It will also refreshing you during the hot spring days. i
A GEKOPOOL swimming pool is really a good alternative to expensive vacations.
You don't have to pay expensive hollidays because you have your little oasis at your door.
Investing by buying a pool it's also give all your family members the occasion to create day after day memories.
PRESENTS in many foreigner countries : in EUROPE as spain creete grece portugal. But also in Malésia : philippines.
We want to export our steel panels for the swimming pool construction in all the United States : Arkansas, California, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Vermont, Arizona, Dakota, Nevada, Utah , New Hampshire, New Mexico, Alaska, Virginia, Minnesota, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Delaware, Wyoming, Massachussets, Ilinois, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvanie, Kentucky, Virginia, Oregon, Alabama, Idaho, Maine, Maryland, Wisconsin, Kansas.

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