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Why choosing us ?

GEKOPOOLS will insure you many years of tranquility, joy and happiness.
You will stay zen for a long time and will enjoy your pool without any deasagrements.
Concerning the equipment you can adapt to gekopools structures : a central unit will optimized the filtration according to the temperature of the water.
It will improve considerably the efficacity of the filtration and will limit the waste of energy when the temperature decreases.
Don't take care about climatic conditions.
No mater the geology of your soil, our material is adapted !
Your swimming pool will "work" alone.
Choose tranquillity and simplicity : optimise the water filtration with a box that will automaticly according the water temperature to the during of filtration.
It will be a comfort not to take care about that but it will also be a protection against freezing.
You swimming pool could be auxilary remote  (garden lighting, cleaner etc...)
We are present and distribute in all the United States.

No matter where your are, you certainly could find us !

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