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Engineering : Geko Pools

The Dark Protect
A cover of Dark Protect is applied on Magnelis.A steel of an exceptional quality + a protective coating of Dark protect and you will obtain the STRONGEST pool structure with the most advanced technologyOur manufacture is using a steel that offers an exceptional mecanical strenght and resistance....
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Laser cutting
Have a look at our facilities...
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New folding machine
How do we fold the steel ?
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Epoxy Dark Protect application box
How the Dark Protect coating is applied ?
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wharehouse and stock
Here's our factory...
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The last generation of machine-tools
Let's continue our visite...
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Bending of the steel
Gekopools presents you a party of his production line : We're equiped with the last generation of automatic tools that allowed us a perfect bending of the steel panels.Automatic process with 3 standard height of panels : 42"   47"  and   59"All dimensions are possible.We also...
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