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Steel pool panels components Chicago

Our technology in pool construction area : Geko Pools

Dark Protect an exceptional protection
Gekopools - specialist of ready-to-assemble steel panels for the swimming pool construction, presents you it's range of panels treated with DARK PROTECT shield.In addition with MAGNELIS, a protective coating is applied : the DARK PROTECT.Dark Protect will ensure several decades without any...
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Magnelis quality
What is exactly the MAGNELIS ?
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Our innovative technology double "U" reinforcement. A metallic coating that offers protection in the harshest environments.
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Flex technology for free shapes
What can our flexibles panels do for you ?
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Panels for Olympic Competition swimming pools 79' high
You have to build a competition swimming pool : please have a look at the following section
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Cuts for white parts
What sort of equipment are you using ?
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A-Frame adjustable
What is they role ?
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